What Social Media Channels are right for your business?

Social media IconsWith all the social media channels out there-how do you decide what’s right for your company and how do you get started?


First sit down and figure out what you want to do on your social media. What is your end goal? Then think about it like this, if you were in a room filled with people you don’t know, would you throw signs at them that tell about your business, or would you walk up to them, ask about who they are, what they do, what their passions are in life, then think how can I fit my services or products into their lifestyle? Once you have an idea of how you can fit your business into their lifestyle, you would tell them first about yourself, then about what you do, then about your passions in life, then you might ease into what your product or service would do for them. That’s social media, you have to build a relationship with each of your followers, friends, plusers, etc.

Next you need to figure out what level you are at, concerning the social media that is already out there. How much are you going to have to learn in order to do what you want to do. Start with the social media you know most about, then gradually ease into other social media platforms.

In order to know what social media platforms will work for your business, you have to know what you are going to use that platform for. I always suggest a blog, because it is a place where you get to showcase your expertise. Blogs are also a very easy platform to link to all your social media applications. WordPress.com offers free websites with blogs incorporated and lots of choices.

Twitter is a great tool for getting information out about your product , and for linking to articles about your products or services, however, don’t use Twitter to shout at your followers about your products or services. Give them headlines that will make them want to read more, and link those headlines to real, relevant information that you believe they will want to know about. Always think about your audience not yourself.

Facebook is where you can really get to know about your fans. Since your linked to their profile pages, you can read about what is relevant to them at this moment. Really getting to know your clients, customers, and fans, getting an inside look into their lives is an awesome advantage to any small business person. Then you can truly cater to their needs with your services or products. Facebook is the place where real conversations can happen. Again, do not bombard your fans with advertisements. Personalize your products for their lives.

If you are B2B then LinkedIn is a great resource to utilize, get on groups, talk about the things you are passionate about, which is usually your business, or I hope it is. The limit for groups is 50, my suggestion is join 25 groups that have something to do with your field. Use those groups to do research, to get information from colleagues, and to help others in your field. With the other 25 groups join groups of people who you feel may need your services or products.

There is also YouTube, if your service or products would do well in a video format, by all means, go get you a flip video camera and start making videos. People will spend countless hours watching videos they don’t care anything about. Imagine what you can do by adding video to your website, blog, or on YouTube and making it relevant to your audience!

Flicker and Instagram are great for showcasing photos of your products. Also you can link to photos of your products and use them in Blogs, on Twitter, etc.

These are a few of the major players. Always remember no matter what you want to do on social media it’s not going to happen overnight. Social media marketing takes time in every way possible. It takes time to build relationships with people, and it takes time to just do the work you need to do on the social media. The time factor is why many small businesses are hiring social media marketing consultants. Above all remember when marketing via social media your friends, family, followers, fans, etc. want to know about what you can do for them, it has to be relevant to their lives right now or you’re doing nothing because they will just ignore it.

Lastly, anyone can utilize social media for their business, and I do mean anyone, even if you have never touched a computer, I can teach you how to use social media for your business. Hiring a Social Media Marketing Consultant can make things a lot easier on you, I can run the social media for you, but I prefer to teach you how to do it. I don’t just teach you about the different social media platforms I also teach you about SEO, about on page keywords and what that can do for your website, as well as backlinking and how to make your site more available to those that want to reach you.

Remember I am always here to make Social Media easy. If your thinking about adding social media marketing to your communication plan, please contact me, I want to make social media easy for you.


Social Media Book List!

Jump on the Social Media BandwagonBelow is a Book list I have compiled to help you learn Social Media.

All of these books are mentioned by people other than the authors, so they are recommended by others in the social media fields. I have listed them in order of how many mentions they got. Just because a book is only mentioned once or twice, don’t discount them. The two books I use most often are Deltina Hay’s “The Social Media Survival Guide: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the Social Web” and Lon Safko’s “The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success version 2”. Both of those books are only mentioned once but I would recommend them highly. I have not read all of these books myself, those I don’t have I plan on downloading to my eReader a little at a time.

This list is meant to give you a lot of options in one place, try to choose the books that are best for you, at the place you are at in learning social media.

I hope you find this list helpful, and I truly hope it helps you learn more about social media.


These books were mentioned four times a piece

These books were mentioned three times a piece

These books were mentioned two times a piece

These books were mentioned one time a piece

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